Weight Control Program

This program is designed to reach inevitable success! It addresses 2 main reasons we have unhealthy relationships with food and gain weight. First, unhealthy eating habits, and second, emotional food addictiveness.

Weight Control Program includes 2 award-winning and internationally recognized modalities - RTT and Virtual Gastric Band.

How it works… This program is delivered through four sessions, to help change your mindset on food and reinforce long-term behavior change, including smaller portions and regular exercise.  The sessions are highly personalized and are tailored to you as an individual - because we are all different and unique.  The visualizations will help address issues that have perhaps derailed your weight management in the past, including snacking, and emotional and comfort eating. All sessions are carried out online via Zoom. Visualizations for weight loss are incredibly safe, effective, and popular, and provide a fantastic lifelong solution for those who struggle with food habits and emotional food attachments.

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Program Value

Weight Control Program includes the following

  • One (30 minutes) Discovery Call - gathering information about your present state and what future you deserve and desire to achieve.
  • Three (60 minutes) Virtual Gastric Band Sessions - powerful visualizations to help you install new healthy habits in your life.
  • One (90 - 120 minutes) RTT Session - finding and addressing the root cause of emotional attachment to food, and installing a new positive vision for a healthy, slim, and fit you.
  • One (30 minutes) Coaching Call - progress follow-up call.
  • Two (20 minutes) Audio Recordings - the first recording gives the support you need for habit change and the second personalized recording helps achieve emotional freedom and desired weight.

This program can start you on a path to better health and wellness and achieving the weight you desire. It helps you shed the weight off and keep it off because you have dealt with the core of the matter and not just the surface.

Program Coast

Each session starts at only $197

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We are currently located in Fort Myers, Florida. One-on-one and group weight loss sessions are available for residents of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Naples, and other nearby areas.

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